On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 3:46:47 PM UTC-4, Dennis Eckmeier wrote:
> So, I tried this, but the data are still not stored as the Matlab code 
> (first post) would do it...
> function write_data(X, no_dims, theta, perplexity)
>   n, d = size(X)
>   A = write(h, hton(n), hton(d), hton(theta), hton(perplexity), 
> hton(no_dims))

Note that integers are 64 bit by default on Julia, so these are writing 
64-bit values.  From your Matlab code, it seems like you need 32-bit 
(4-byte) values for your integers.  Just convert them to Int32 or UInt32 
first, e.g. hton(UInt32(n)) 

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