I see:

"*v0.4.6 (current release)* — v0.5-pre (unstable)"

former is no longer true, and I guess not the latter. Isn't "unstable" 
meant to refer to Julia itself? Or packages..? Both?

This is just a reminder to update..

Great to see: "Listing all 1127 registered packages 
<>". Then there are some more.. 
unknowns.. but of those registered:

I see at least 5 web frameworks now (this "gluttony" is getting to be a 
problem..), and 29 hits on "web", yes, infrastructure code, e.g. HTTP2.

New ones I didn't know about:

and what I've yet too look into (thought the newest one):

Any recommendations? Great to know that there is just not math related.


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