On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 2:54:15 PM UTC-4, Weicheng Zhu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a few simple questions to ask.
> 1) What function is invoked when I type x in the following example?

display(x), which calls show(STDOUT, MIME("text/plain"), x)  [or writemime 
in Julia ≤ 0.4]

(Under the hood, this eventually calls a function Base.showarray)

2) When I define a type which takes a matrix as a member, how to define the 
> show method to print x as shown above in julia 0.5.
> julia> type mytype
>        x::Array{Float64,2}
> end
> julia> mytype(x)
> mytype([0.923288 0.0157897; 0.439387 0.50823; … ; 0.605268 0.416877; 
> 0.223898 0.558542])

You want to define two show methods: show(io::IO, x::mytype), which calls 
show(io, x.x) and outputs everything on a single line, and show(io::IO, 
m::MIME"text/plain", x::mytype), which calls show(io, m, x.x) and outputs 
multiple pretty-printed lines.

(You can also define additional show methods, e.g. for HTML or Markdown 
output, for even nicer display in an environment like IJulia that supports 
other MIME types.)

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