I built Julia Version 0.5.1-pre+2 on a cluster I have access to. 

The login node on which I executed the build has this architecture:

Intel Core i7-5000 Extreme Edition (Haswell R2) / Xeon E5-x600 v3 
(Haswell-EP C1/M1/R2), 22nm

The compute node has this architecture:

Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor (Knights Landing), 14nm

(Those are each the last line of the output of "cpuid")

when I try to run anything, I get the error:

ERROR: Target architecture mismatch. Please delete or regenerate 

I found this old discussion:


which recommends using 


in the Make.user file.

Since that discussion is 2 years old, I am just double checking to see if 
that's still the best advice or if there is something else I should try 
first and/or instead.



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