I want to process each line of a large text file (100G) in parallel using 
the following code

    pmap(process_fun, eachline(the_file))

however, it seems that pmap is slow. following is a dummy experiment:

julia> writedlm("tmp.txt",rand(100000,100)) # produce a large file
julia> @time for l in eachline("tmp.txt")
  5.678517 seconds (11.00 M allocations: 732.637 MB, 40.67% gc time)

julia> addprocs() # 32 core

julia> @time map(split, eachline("tmp.txt"));
  4.834571 seconds (11.00 M allocations: 734.638 MB, 32.84% gc time)

julia> @time pmap(split, eachline("tmp.txt"));
112.275411 seconds (227.06 M allocations: 10.024 GB, 50.72% gc time)

the goal is to process those files (300+) as fast as possible. and maybe 
there are better ways to call pmap?

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