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  methodswith(typ[, module or function][, showparents])

  Return an array of methods with an argument of type typ.

  The optional second argument restricts the search to a particular module or 
function (the default is all modules, starting from Main).

  If optional showparents is true, also return arguments with a parent type of 
typ, excluding type Any.

On Fri, 2016-10-14 at 13:20, Paulito Palmes <> wrote:
> is there a function or keyboard shortcut to list all functions operating on
> certain datatype?
> for example, in a typical object-based approach, you can type the object in
> REPL with a dot and it completes all methods operating on that object. in
> Julia, we can only list all the behavior of a certain function like
> methods(+) but in most cases, you are more interested not on the function +
> itself but on the list of functions operating on a given datatype. in many
> cases, you forgot all the names of the functions but you know it operates
> on a certain object only so it's easy to recall it if you can list the
> names of these functions operating on a certain object only. currently, if
> you do methods(+), you will endless list. it will be nice if you can do
> functionlists(object).

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