It's great to see explicit return types in the language as of 0.5.

About return [or it's implicit nature, I only read about half as very 

Disallowinging implicit return, would be a breaking change.

Is there some room for adding special handling of [return] true or [return] 
false to the language?

I'm kind of worried, that if anyone changes code, you get a Union.

Since Boll[eans] are so fundamental to computing, it seems you should be 
returning them with no possibility of error.

In general for Bool, and especially for return, it seems not good that 0.0 
gets cast to it (at least e.g. casting Strings fail), and 0 etc.

[In the unlikely situation, that is really wanted.. then the new return 
type opens up that possibility of an explicit Union return type.]

[Trivia: Go language, has a kind of Union of the error code and the 
otherwise meant return type, instead of C's error model or exception 
handling. I'm deeply skeptical of this, but a Union would almost allow 
that.. or GoTypeError type..]

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