On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 6:00:30 PM UTC, Tim Holy wrote:
> If you just want a raw dump of memory, you can get that, and if it's big 
> it uses `Mmap.mmap` when it reads the data back in. So you can read 
> terabyte-sized arrays.

[Not clear on mmap.. just a possibility, kind or requirement when arrays 
are this big?]

Good to know, I have another thread on array sizes (and 2 GB limit).

You mean you could read terabyte-sized, not that it's common or that you 
know of for 1D arrays?

[Would that be arrays of big structs? Fewer than 2G, e.g. 32-bit index 
would do?]

I'm not at all worried for 2D (or more dimensions).

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