On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 7:49:51 PM UTC, cdm wrote:
> from CloudArray.jl:
> "If you are dealing with big data, i.e., your RAM memory is not enough to 
> store your data, you can create a CloudArray from a file."
> https://github.com/gsd-ufal/CloudArray.jl#creating-a-cloudarray-from-a-file

Good to know, and seems cool.. (like CatViews.jl) indexes could need to be 
bigger than 32-bit this way.. even for 2D.

But has anyone worked with more than 70 terabyte arrays, that would 
otherwise have been a limitation?

Anyone know biggest (or just big over 2 GB) one-dimensional array people 
are working with?

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