I'm trying to embed Julia code in a C++ app I'm building. I have it all 
working and can do some basic calls, all good so far.

One thing I'm struggling with, though, is determining what type of array is 
returned by a Julia evaluation. The only available documentation seems to 
be this page <http://docs.julialang.org/en/release-0.5/manual/embedding/>, 
which is far from comprehensive and doesn't show how to do this. Let's say 
I call some abstract Julia code (dynamic, unknown at compile time) like 

jl_value_t *ret = jl_eval_string(some_code_string);
if(jl_is_array(ret)) {
    // we now know that the returned value is an array, but how do we know 
what the inner type is? (e.g. Float64, Int64, etc.)

After determining that an array was returned, how would you determine what 
the inner type of the array is (i.e. the type of the objects it contains)?

And furthermore, if it returns an array of type "Any", would there be any 
way to tell what the type is of any arbitrary element in that array?


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