Hello all!

I have made an attempt to start building a pytest-like testing framework 
for Julia. There is a (quite preliminary) package here: 

I intend to go along these lines:
  - follow pytest (http://doc.pytest.org/en/latest/) as closely as 
reasonably possible. Rationale: it is an accomplished framework, which I 
really appreciate using, hence I use it as inspiration and specification, 
to "not reinvent the wheel".
  - stray from pytest only when absolutely necessary, just to remain julian 
and adhere to existing standards
  - remain compatible with Base.Test

What PyTest.jl can do at the current state?
  - define and use fixtures (parametrized fixtures too!) to do 
setup/teardown pytest-style.
  - select a subset of tests to run (simplified "-k" option from pytest)
  - demonstrate being thoroughly tested itself!
  - not too much really, as it is still WIP, but I am going to sketch out a 
roadmap soon

I reach out to you to:
  - hear voices of support and encouragement (well, or criticism) - are 
there any pytest-and-julia-fans like myself?
  - get opinions and guidance - what would you recommend doing next?
  - find julia packages that could use such testing framework - ones that 
have complicated setup/teardown code to be organized and managed. I'd need 
such package to pivot my work in the right direction

(BTW, I am aware of Fixtures.jl, I just decided to stick more closely to 
pytest. Any comments from creators of Fixtures.jl?)

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