Consider the following snippet:

using LightGraphs
using Base.Collections

pq = PriorityQueue(DiGraph, Int)

G = DiGraph(3)
add_edge!(G, 1,2)

enqueue!(pq, G, 1)

# reverse edge
rem_edge!(G, 1,2)
add_edge!(G, 2,1)

enqueue!(pq, G, 2)

It produces this error:

ERROR: ArgumentError: PriorityQueue keys must be unique
::LightGraphs.DiGraph, ::Int64) at ./collections.jl:366

The operator == is properly defined in LightGraphs and would have yield 
false, however; the PriorityQueue is handling the two items as if they were 
the same. How can this issue be solved or where should I report it?


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