Symata.jl is a symbolic math language. (The old name was SJulia.)

You can add it with Pkg.add("Symata.jl"). The site is

Notebook examples are here 
(the math looks better in live Jupyter sessions)

To try the latest features, you need to use the development version using 
Pkg.checkout("Symata") after adding it.

Among the New Things:

* Builds and tests on Linux, OSX, and Windows using Travis and Appveyor.

* Installation is much easier, using Steven Johnson's PyCall recipes.

* Works in Jupyter notebook using IJulia.jl  (It typesets the math using 
LaTeX). Symata still works at the command line REPL as well.

* A few tutorial notebooks are included. They cover a small fraction of 

* ... oh, and rudimentary plotting via Plots.jl. This could be expanded 
with little effort.

Please file an issue on github,, if 
you have any problems or suggestions.

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