Hi Steven,

2016-10-19 0:36 GMT+02:00 Steven G. Johnson <stevenj....@gmail.com>:
> For example:
>      quadgk(z -> 1/z, 1, 1im, -1, -1im)
> integrates 1/z over a closed counter-clockwise diamond-shaped contour around
> the origin in the complex plane, returning 2πi by the residue theorem.

Did you mean

     quadgk(z -> 1/z, 1, 1im, -1, -1im, 1)

?  The integral you showed is not over a closed contour and evaluates
to 3//2*pi*im.

In any case, I have to admit that quadgk is much more powerful than
what I expected, at least because purely implemented in Julia, so can
work with any Julia type.


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