Hi Ede

Feature Request #237 and bug #440 are probably tightly related.

#237 LayerView/Attribute table selection (de-)synchronisation
#440 Replace / Add to selection

I solved #237 by adding an option to de-synchronize view selection and 
attribute table selection, but I think the original demand from Nicolas 
Ribot was also motivated by the subtle bug #440 which is still present 
when view and table are synchronized.

I finally found how to reproduce the problem, but have no idea how to 
fix it.
Normal behaviour in view is
- any selection replaces previous one
+shift : any selection adds feature to the previous selection

Normal behaviour in table
- any selection replaces previous one
+ shift : select a continuous range of features

Now the buggy behaviour

Select a feature in the view
+ Shift select a feature in the table -> adds a whole range of feature 
to the selection

Now return to the view
=> simple selection works as if shift was pressed

And to return to normal behaviour select some features with shift key 
=> works again as it should

Any idea is very welcome,


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