I tried to build a snapshot from revision r5484. I am using a Windows bat that 
used to work:

set maven_home=C:\ohjelmat\apache-maven-3.5.0
set path=%path%;C:\ohjelmat\apache-maven-3.5.0\bin
set java_home=C:\ohjelmat\jdk8\jre
C:\ohjelmat\apache-maven-3.5.0\bin\mvn package -P snapshot

However, now I am getting a couple or warnings and two  errors. The warnings 
are about deegree2

[WARNING] Failure to transfer org.deegree2:deegree2-core:2.6-pre2-SNAPSHOT/maven
-metadata.xml from http://maven.ch.cam.ac.uk/m2repo/ was cached in the local rep
ository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of cam has
elapsed or updates are forced. Original error: Could not transfer metadata org.
deegree2:deegree2-core:2.6-pre2-SNAPSHOT/maven-metadata.xml from/to cam (http://
maven.ch.cam.ac.uk/m2repo/): Connect to maven.ch.cam.ac.uk:80 [maven.ch.cam.ac.u
k/] failed: Connection timed out: connect
Downloading: http://maven.ch.cam.ac.uk/m2repo/org/deegree2/deegree2-base/2.6-pre

The errors are:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal 
org.codehaus.mojo:buildnumber-maven-plugin:1.4:create (generate-buildnumber) on 
project OpenJUMP: Cannot get the revision information from the scm repository :
[ERROR] Exception while executing SCM command.: svn: E155007: 'C:\temp\own_oj' 
is not a working copy

Any advice for making the build to success?

-Jukka Rahkonen-
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