Hi all,

Looking for some assistance with flow sampling on an MX960. I have an MX960 
with multiple DPCE-R-4XGE and an MS-DPC card installed and running JunOS 
13.3R6.5. I am looking for a means of sampling layer 2 traffic on the device 
and not just routed traffic.

I have an upstream which is delivering multiple VLANs over a single 10G 
interface, and only one of these VLANs directly terminates on this MX960 
device, while the others use bridge domains to be trunked to other devices 
where they terminate. I need to sample the aggregate traffic at the port level 
of all VLANs associated with the circuit, and not just the one which terminates 
on this device itself.

The documentation seems to indicate that sampling can only be performed using a 
filter in family inet, which I cannot do with vlan-bridge encapsulation. Can 
anyone confirm if this is in fact the case, or if there is a way to sample 
layer 2 traffic on the platform?

Thank you,
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