Is anyone else having issues with load-balancing on 15.1R4? I'm
getting these FPC errors in multiple boxes:

fpc0 LUCHIP(3) RMC 2  Uninitialized EDMEM[0x3ce333] Read (0x6db6db6d6db6db6d)
fpc0 LUCHIP(3) PPE_2 Errors sync xtxn error
fpc0 LUCHIP(3) PPE_15 Errors sync xtxn error
fpc0 PPE Sync XTXN Err Trap:  Count 23064982, PC 376,     0x0376:

They are all MX960s with MPC 16x10G cards. This impacts on traffic to
random destinations (route is OK in FIB and RIB but traffic is
blackholed). If I disable per-packet lb everything works perfectly.

This issue appears when we have flaps that force route

I have a similar box running 12.3R3.4 that is just fine.

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