It's expected to work according to
So, aren't you trying to advertise an AS200 route to an AS200 router ? In that 
case you would need to add advertise-peer-as.

> Le 30 nov. 2016 à 22:46, Mileto Tales <> a écrit :
> Hello,
> I'm not having success to advertise the best BGP inactive route to my eBGP 
> peer. My scenario is very simple. I have configured one static route "set 
> routing-options static route next-hop" and I'm 
> receiving this same route by eBGP.
> I want to keep the static route configured in the router and advertise BGP 
> learned route to another eBGP peers. In my understanding the 
> advertise-inactive configuration inside the BGP group was supposed to work in 
> this scenario. I add this configuration, cleared the BGP session and I'm 
> still having problems to advertise the inactive route.
> Another test that I did:I created a policy matching on routes that are in 
> inactive state and tried to export then. If I remove the static route then 
> the BGP is advertised (best route)
> Anyone have this configuration working?

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