I have a third party CE device (DSLAM) that doesn't run spanning tree, that
I need to bridge into a VPLS elan via my ACX5048, and dual-home the CE also.
I want (need) to run spanning tree across those dual-connected CE
interfaces, but don't seem to be able to.


Has anyone ran xSTP over vpls family interfaces in the ACX5048 ?


Family vlan-bridge interfaces work fine with vstp, but I can't do vpls via
those vlan-bridge interfaces so that doesn't help.


Also, I wonder if I can't run xSTP, if VPLS-multihoming would do the trick.
I recall using an MX104 and doing VPLS M-homing and watching one of the dual
homed pe-ce interfaces goes down to avoid loop.  I don't recall if it was
RFC 4761 or 4762 though.  I run 4762 (bgp ad w/ldp sig)


If none of this is do-able, I'll probably l2circuit (martini) those dual ce
interfaces further into my mpls cloud and land them both on a vpls construct
in an ASR9k and simply add them as leaf pw's and not root pw's.  leaf pw's
aren't allowed to pass traffic to each other (split horizon vpls rule)... so
that would do the trick to not allow back-traffic to flow back down towards
the other leaf pw.



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