Olive?  Are you sure you aren't in a GNS3-based virtual environment router?
I've never seen mention of olive outside of GNS3/Virtual Environment.
Perhaps, this is a learning opportunity from me.  Please let me know if
there are times when actually hardware routers show Junos as "olive"

Here's my GNS3 routers...i have the same chassis-control error, and I forget
what it means.  I have wondered if I never really set up my olive/vmx
environment completely correct.  Also, someone told me that even though I
installed vMX 15.1F3, since it was an early release of vMX, that it still
shows up as "olive" and that if I were to download a newer version of vMX,
that it would no longer show olive.  I haven't verified that yet though.

Here's 2 of my gns3-based juniper routers...

root@R6-j> show chassis environment
error: Unrecognized command (chassis-control)

root@R6-j> show version
Hostname: R6-j
Model: olive
JUNOS Base OS boot [12.1R1.9]

root@vMX_1001> show chassis environment
error: Unrecognized command (chassis-control)

root@vMX_1001> show version
Hostname: vMX_1001
Model: olive
Junos: 15.1F3.11


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