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> Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2018 8:32 AM
> Hey Dejan,
> I wouldn't worry about this. The MTU check never should have existed in
> pseudowire signalling. It's even vendor dependent how they calculate they
> MTU, so you might have exactly correct MTU in A-B end, but you will get
> MTU mismatch because they calculate different thing in A and B end.
When you say exactly correct do you mean exactly same "customer MTU" A-to-B
and B-to-A?
By "customer MTU" I mean what's left for customer after any service provider
encapsulations on either end are excluded. 
For p2p ckts I get it that if just one end represents the correct "customer
MTU" and "customer MTU"="customer MRU" on this one end and the other end is
higher or same then that should do, but for multipoint services you better
set the same "customer MTU" on all circuits. 
Customers don't care about how MTU is calculated on either end and what
encapsulation you need to impose on either end to provision the service,
they only care about being able to TX/RX at contracted MTU value on each
circuit (and they do test with JDSUs at each end).       


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