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> > See juniper interface MTU is set to max 16000 bytes. but when I ping I can
> > only get 9584 bytes through to the other side of the link.  This mx960 is
> > linked to another mx960, but Ciena 6500 dwdm is in between the mx960's.
> > 
> > Is there any reason why I should be concerned that currently Ciena tells us
> > that they only support 9600 byte MTU and that I have 16000 set on my MX960's
> > ?
> If you *want* to create problems for yourself that are hard to debug -
> by all means continue.

What could possibly go wrong by having a link that cannot be pinged by
a MTU that is larger than what the intermediate device claim as "this
is the maximum we support"?

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