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> 2) Would you like to have the ability to restrict management plane protocols
> only to certain internal interfaces outside of RE filter logic (explicitly
> defining source IPs per protocol or XR-like management-plane protection
> functionality)?

This would have saved me lots of work over the years...  so, yes.

We have fairly strong border ACLs that protect all "backbone links" and
loopback ranges, but customer connections are numbered out of different
address blocks - our PA that also hosts their firewalls/routers, their 
PA/PI - so protecting all those by border ACLs is not practical.  So,
being able to bind snmp/ssh/ntp/l2tp to "talk this on lo0, do not listen 
on anything else" would have saved me quite a bit of annoyance over time.

(I do understand that we could number our customer links differently, and
maybe we can find the time to change *that* one day...)


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