This is from an industry perspective and not specific to Juniper.  BIER won't 
really  happen without hardware support which is coming but will not be 
compatible with a lot of already deployed hardware.  

There was some IETF work going on to figure out how to map multicast to SR-MPLS 
but it kind of died off last year.  

TreeSID is more of a Cisco solution, and relies on an external PCE to build the 
multicast tree at every branch point across an SR-enabled network.  

Near-term mLDP specifically for multicast, without unicast enabled, is a 
solution.  Ingress replication is becoming a bit more popular as multicast as 
an overall percentage of traffic has continued to drop.  


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    So just to throw a question out there:
    When I last looked at SR this was a big empty hole when it came to 
    As we are possibly removing mLDP and RSVP from the network in favour of 
SR(-TE) what are people doing to fill this void.
    There were some drafts being worked on last year and if I recall one that 
seemed more "developed" was "Bit Index Explicit Replication", but I haven't 
heard anything more about this topic and it hasn't been mentioned in the thread 
so far.
    Any comments?
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