Hey folks,

Anyone have MPC10's in production yet? Or perhaps any other shiny new Junos
thing that is coming with only "Flex" licensing out of the gate (so not
mx204, mx10k3).

We traditionally keep a warm spare device in the lab + purchase NBD
support, then spare from our lab whiile RMA'ing the faulty hardware. With
flex licensed items, there's the hw cost, support cost, and additional


Allegedly one can move the license around, but we're not quite sure how. Is
there a self serve portal for this? Does one have to go through JTAC?

How does the card act when unlicensed? IE we have it slotted in a lab MX
blowing air, but that MX has CoS and other things configured. According to
the link above, it looks like most things won't function without a license.
Does it just throw a red alarm (for now)? Would it be unusable to lab test
on various configs without a license?

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