I would agree with Perry's suggestion and going a bit further I would like 
to suggest a couple of other improvements to the Jupyter file explorer:
- a type field (.ipynb, .txt, .py, folder, etc)
- a comment field, mostly blank expect for notebooks, then it would be the 
nb's metadata 'comment' field, if any.
- the ability to sort the columns.
- an omnibox to filter out anything that does not contain what the user 
types in - very convenient to search large directories.

This seems feasible with https://datatables.net/ and would probably make 
this 'home' page more user friendly.
(I am working to deploy JupyterHub in a corporate LAN and must pay 
attention user experience - accustomed to Windows)

Is there a particular reason why this page does not have the features above 
(or similar), except lack of time ?

It seems to me the layout of this page is independent of the rest of the 
app. If I wanted (and dared to dive in) where in the code base should I 
look and modify? 

Would such a change be considered an improvement and susceptible to be 
accepted by the community ?
Or would such an effort be considered wasted with the upcoming JupyterLab 
project ?

Thx for any comment / guidance

On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 4:05:45 PM UTC+2, Perry Grossman wrote:
> Feature Request:
> Would it it be possible to put a "date modified" column in the File list?
> As with Ubuntu, Windows, Mac, I find that helps me find the most recent 
> file that I was working on
> (since my file names are not always as informative as I would like them to 
> be).
> Thanks,
> Perry

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