I see ipywidgets as a means to turn a notebook (almost) into a webappfrom 
the user's perspective, when the code cells are hidden.
But then the remaining 'close button' enables the user to delete the 
interactive widget...
So I think it would be good to be able to optionally hide this button upon 
creation of an ipywidget.

It is easy enough to hide all such buttons in a notebook with something 
like (1)
So maybe that's enough ?
It is more convoluted to do it for a particular cell with (2)
Actually it works only from the console, after selecting the target cell.

What do you think ?
Please quickly discard if there are good reasons against.


$('.widget-area .prompt .close').hide()

var jupyter= require('base/js/namespace');
var sc = jupyter.notebook.get_selected_cell();
var db = sc.widgetarea.widget_area.children()[0];
var b = db.firstChild;
$(b).css('visibility', 'hidden');

(There is probably a more direct way)

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