Hi all,

Yesterday we moved JupyterLab and some associated repositories to their own 
Github organization (https://github.com/jupyterlab).  
We also created a `@jupyterlab` organization on npmjs.org.
Note that this means that `npm install jupyter-js-services` will become 
`npm install @jupyterlab/services`. 
Please bear with us over the next couple of days while we complete the 

The affected repositories are:

Jupyter Repo                                      JupyterLab Repo     
jupyterlab                                            jupyterlab           
jupyter-js-services                              services               
jupyterlab-extension-builder               extension-builder
jupyterlab-extension-cookiecutter-js  extension-cookiecutter-js
jupyterlab-extension-cookiecutter-ts  extension-cookiecutter-ts
jupyterlab_geojson                             jupyterlab_geojson           


Steve Silvester

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