We’ve just released nbformat 4.2 with a few fixes and new features. The
main change is a fix to validation, expanding what is considered to be JSON
output. In nbformat 4.0-.1, this was erroneously confined to the mime-type
application/json and the object data type. This is expanded to now treat
any application/*+json mime-type as a JSON output, as well as allow any
data type, not just object (dict) in JSON outputs.

Another nice new feature for people working in unix-pipe-land is the
ability to sign notebooks by piping them to jupyter trust:

cat notebook.ipynb | jupyter trust

which can be useful in git hook workflows, etc.

See the changelog
<http://nbformat.readthedocs.io/en/latest/changelog.html#id1> or GitHub
for more details.

Thanks everyone!


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