I'm trying to add link to Apple's Radar URL (rdar://...) to markdown cell, 
but nothing seems to work. What I tried are:

--- begin markdown cell ---
* Conventional markdown: [blabla](rdar://problem/123456)
* Embedded HTML: <a href="rdar://problem/123456">blabla</a>
* Angle bracket as documented in Jupyter: <rdar://problem/123456>
--- end markdown cell ---

However nothing works - when I run the cell, the "blabla" part appears as 
link but they're not clickable. I checked the generated HTML page but it 
doesn't generate necessary <a href=...> tag either.

If I change the "rdar://" part to "html://" the the notebook converts them 
to proper link. Looks like Jupyter doesn't support "rdar://" URL, not even 
in embedded HTML.

Is this behavior expected? or is it a bug?

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