Hi Roland

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Date:  Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 11:30 PM
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Subject:  [jupyter] Re: how come cells do not display all my code?

> Hello Andy,
> is this about displaying the Python *code*, or the *output* when you run the
> code?

My problem with code. output is always displayed correct. I have tried your
suggestions with out any luck. Every time I start my notebook or restart it
have to click in each cell to cause all the python source to be displayed

I  am running Jupyter on my local machine. I notice the following on start

[I 13:30:55.704 NotebookApp] Accepting one-time-token-authenticated
connection from ::1

[W 13:31:06.901 NotebookApp] 404 GET
/nbextensions/widgets/notebook/js/extension.js?v=20180201133054 (::1)
13.58ms referer=http://localhost:8888/notebooks/logisticRegression.ipynb

[I 13:31:07.632 NotebookApp] Kernel started:

[I 13:31:08.556 NotebookApp] Adapting to protocol v5.1 for kernel

Found the following https://github.com/jupyter/help/issues/186

The following got rid of the console error, how ever I still have the same
original problem

$ $ jupyter nbextension enable --py widgetsnbextension
Enabling notebook extension jupyter-js-widgets/extension...

      - Validating: OK

$ jq "." ~/.jupyter/nbconfig/notebook.json


  "aedwip_comment": {



  "MarkdownCell": {

    "cm_config": {

      "lineWrapping": true



  "CodeCell": {

    "cm_config": {

      "lineWrapping": true




I noticed that it seems like about half of the python source lines are being
displayed in my code cells. Not sure why clicking on the cell would cause
everything to be displayed?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


> Restarting the kernel should have no effect on what is being displayed. Unless
> you select "Restart & Clear Output", in which case it is expected that all
> output gets cleared.
> If your problem is missing output, you don't have to run each cell manually.
> Select "Kernel -> Restart & Run All" to restart the kernel and run all cells,
> or "Cell -> Run All" to run all cells without restarting the kernel.
> If you save your notebook before stopping Jupyter or closing the browser, the
> output should still be displayed next time you load it. The state in memory
> will be gone of course, similar to when you restart the kernel.
> The menu items I quoted are from a newer version of Jupyter Notebook. They may
> have had slightly different names in the version 4.4 you are using. Version
> 5.4 is available by now, so you might want to upgrade.
> http://jupyter-notebook.readthedocs.io/en/stable/changelog.html
> hope that helps,
>   Roland

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