I don't believe that you can add additional kernels to Google's Colab 
currently. Though things evolve rapidly, so it would be best to contact 
Google's Colab team and consult their FAQ and Stack Overflow channel.

> As Google Colaboratory is a service that uses Jupyter Notebook, I 
recommend checking out the Colab FAQ:  
https://research.google.com/colaboratory/faq.html and docs for a specific 
answer. They also have a channel on Stack Overflow to ask questions: 

On Monday, February 19, 2018 at 9:57:13 AM UTC-4, rraallvv wrote:
> I'd like to run other kernels beside the one for Python on Google Colab's 
> Jupyter Notebook (formally colaboratory.jupyter.org). Is there a way to 
> do that?

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