Hello All,

The JupyterCon registrations are open, with the main conference in NYC from
August 21st to 24th ,  AND a separate – free of charge – Community Sprint
Day and the 25th (Sat).

For the main conference please register here: https://oreil.ly/2Hcjxsh and
you can use PJ20 for an extra discount.

We have some sponsorship available if you like to make it but don't have
the means, feel free to reach to us.

The registration for the Community Sprint Day will be at a later point.

You can read more on our blog:


- Education Track
- Business summit
- Main Track
- Poster session
- Vendor Expo Hall
- Tutorials and Training
- Meet the experts.

We want _your_ input and _your_ help for the Community Sprint Day. If you
have Jupyter related project you want to work on during sprints, or like to
mentor people for whom it will be their first contributions please reach
out to us. It is of course not limited to coding. It can be design,
testing, documentation, recording tutorial videos on youtube... etc.

There was some comment last year that "Sprint" had the connotation of
tireless coding, and the need to already be an expert in the Jupyter
community. We'll try to progressively introduce the term "Open Studio" to
convey that any skill at any level is welcome and we want to foster
community engagement.  Special thanks to Bloomberg and the folks there who
share our vision and will be sponsoring this Saturday.

We'll also have a UX testing of JupyterLab on Saturday, with your help we'd
like to make you try variation on the JupyterLab UI and ask you questions
to make your workflow easier. We will be looking both for new user – to see
how the interface is friendly for a first time experience, and advance user
who have deep knowledge and Jupyter customisation.

If you have any questions, concern, or have spotted typos, feel free to
contact us.


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