hmm, where do I start ?

I use K9 on my phone/tablet since long time, like it.

 I have a GPS device that can notify of inbound SMS (supported option),
and, maybe, third party apps like email (unsupported option, may work, or,

when I've tried it, K9 didn't work with it (neither did Gmail app,
apparently app called 'email' on some Android devices works)

OK, K9 not supported, that's how it goes, not a big issue in that
perspective, I thought.

BUT, yesterday, I received a bounce, AND, GPS screen lit up, AND, it read
the message

message was a bounce "Failed to send some messages"

so: my device doesn't recognize 'normal' emails as K9 gets them;
my device DOES RECOGNIZE bounces "Failed to send some messages"

what is it telling me, what can I tell developers of GPS in order to
include K9/Kaiten as supported ???



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