Hello, I would appreciate any help on this issue:

As it's written here 
<https://k9mail.github.io/documentation/settings/account.html> in "Fetching 
mail \ Sync messages from" section, "During synchronization K-9 Mail will 
remove previously downloaded messages that fall outside that range from the 
I've tried many combinations of settings and still cannot make K9 NOT 
delete the old messages (now I have 'Local folder size' of 10000 messages, 
and 'Sync messages from' set to 1 week).
Let's suppose I have 7 emails, one on each day from June, 13 to 19. 
Tomorrow on June 20th after I manually refresh my inbox, K9 will delete the 
first message from June 13th (because it'll become 8-day-old).
And I don't want it to be deleted.
Do you have any ideas?

I'm sorry if I asked a stupid question, but Google returned nothing on it.

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