I opened a ticket with email provider & some of the server settings 
differed from those  that had worked for maybe 3 years previously. I can't 
remember if I put them in or if k9 found them. Odd that they would suddenly 
stop working.
Anyway, now resolved & mail working. 
Many thanks

On Friday, March 30, 2018 at 3:25:15 PM UTC+1, Jonathan Webb wrote:
> Hi, just noticed that both of my email accounts on k9 are giving a SSL 
> certificate error message.
> I have had no new mail since the 29th March. My wife, k9 on her phone also 
> has it. We have same host.
> I haven't touched anything.
> I can still get my email on my desktop from the host and I can't see 
> anything in their status log about SSL certificates.
> This is way out of my league. Any ideas?
> Many thanks

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