For months now I've been reporting that K9 is crashing when I delete emails 
most of the time on one of my mediacom accounts. It is also starting this 
on my other mediacom accounts too. Apparently the developers do not read 
their feedback reports or else this would have been fixed by now. Has 
anyone else been having this happening when deleting emails?

Also, at the top it always says "Sync Disabled - no network" even though I 
do have a great network connection. If I manually sync it will work some of 
the time. Other times, I go all day without being able to get new emails 
even though I keep trying to manually sync.
 I should be able to delete emails without crashing K9
Also Emails will not sync every 15 minutes as checked. Emails will not 
always sync when I try to do it manually.

I've even deleted the account and readded it but the problem came back 
right away.

K-9 Mail version: 5.403

Android version: 7.0 on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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