On January 14, 2020 8:22:58 AM HST, Valerio Messina <efa...@gmail.com> wrote:
>On 01/14/20 18:20, Iolo and Peibyn wrote:
>> You can find a little more information here: 
>> So I have just posted a request in the K-9 Developers group, asking
>> to update K-9 so that it can still be used.  Creating this brilliant
>> involved an enormous amount of work: it only needs a little more to
>> it going.
>> Hoping for a positive response from someone here.
>K9 mail is not listed neither in supported and unsupported app.
>Neither Thunderbird is listed there, so you can understand how much
>that provider is tech aware.

Better than our ISP. They only support their own webmail. Called them once, 
they hadn't even heard of Thunderbird - which has far more users than our ISPs 
entire subscriber list.

>Anyway what they are asking is the support of SSL, K9 support SSL from 
>the beginning

That was my thought, too. Or OAUTH, app-specific(?) passwords, 2-factor 

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