Creating Internal Service Level Agreements

A Practical Guide to Building and Implementing Modern SLAs

10 – 11 September 2017 in Dubai, UAE

26 – 27 October 2017 in Singapore


Dear Leaders,

Why SLA?

With the ever-increasing complexity and interconnectivity of modern computing 
systems, many clients are not sure whether the issues they are reporting lie 
within the software application, their PC, the internal network, the operating 
system, the Internet or the hardware. The client depends on the ability of the 
support desk to remotely identify and diagnose the source of the issue and 
provide support regardless of where the issue lies.

Why You Should Attend

Some companies have reported saving 5% to 40%, simply by establishing and 
managing service agreements. Apart from the cost savings, Internal SLAs improve 
the quality of service to clients and enhances their experience when dealing 
with your company.

This course is designed to meet the needs of companies that are involved in 
service agreements with internal suppliers of services in achieving their 
strategic goals. Those managing such corporate relationships need to know how 
such a partnership will function and be able to deal with any problems.


Agenda Summary

ü  Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Internal Business Services

§  Defining Service and the Objectives of SLAs

§  Benefits and Limitations of External SLAs vs. Internal SLAs

ü  Creating an Internal SLA

§  Specification of Responsibilities and Priorities

ü  Drafting your Internal SLA

§  A Model Structure for the SLA

§  Using Appropriate Measurement Language

ü  Incentive

§  Understanding Positive and Negative Incentives

ü  Managing the In-Life SLA

§  Security Incident Handling

ü  Costing Services


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