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> Hi,
> API calls currently do not work under Turbogears2.
> The simplest call is:
> ../venv/kallithea-tg-clean/bin/kallithea-api
> --apikey=811a4ad6f382e75c20392b668cad9408bde9f42e
> --apihost=http://localhost:5000 test
> (where apikey can be obtained from the web UI, after logging in, going
> to 'My account' via you user name top right, then API keys.)

Hi Thomas,

I made a proof of concept of working APIs, I tried to keep it to minimum
changes so it suffers of `self.something=` issues but seems it's able to
receive requests, respond and report errors.

See it at

It will require tgext.routes>=0.2.0 which I changed to allow mixing
multiple routing systems as required by Kallithea RPC APIs
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