On 09/19/2016 09:01 PM, Thomas De Schampheleire wrote:
# HG changeset patch
# User Thomas De Schampheleire <thomas.de.schamphele...@gmail.com>
# Date 1474227861 -7200
#      Sun Sep 18 21:44:21 2016 +0200
# Node ID 7e0969f34a4cff5788f4815c7e66c441158666fc
# Parent  59639343672495cb89be54b98f1d6d3a4c44307c
tests: add as little code as possible in __init__.py

kallithea/tests/__init__.py contains quite a lot of code, including the test
base class TestController. This in itself may be considered bad practice.

Specifically, this poses a problem when using pytest 3.0+, in which asserts
in some files are not automatically rewritten to give improved assert
output. That problem can be fixed by explicitly registering such files for
assertion rewriting, but that register call should be executed _before_ said
files are imported. I.e. if the register call is in
kallithea/tests/__init__.py, assert calls in __init__.py itself can not be

Since the TestController base class does effectively contain asserts, and we
do not want to execute the register call from somewhere outside the
kallithea/tests directory, we need to move the TestController class to
another file (kallithea/tests/base.py). The import of that file then needs
to happen _after_ executing the register call.

While not strictly necessary to fix the mentioned pytest problem, we take
the opportunity to fully clean __init__.py and move everything possible to
the new kallithea/tests/base.py. While doing so, unnecessary imports are
removed, and imports are ordered alphabetically. Explicit imports of symbols
from modules that were already imported as a whole, are removed in favor of
fully qualifying the references (e.g. tempfile._RandomNameSequence).


diff --git a/kallithea/tests/__init__.py b/kallithea/tests/__init__.py
--- a/kallithea/tests/__init__.py
+++ b/kallithea/tests/__init__.py
@@ -22,41 +22,10 @@ setup-app`) and provides the base testin
Refer to docs/contributing.rst for details on running the test suite.
-import os
-import re
-import time
-import logging
-import datetime
-import hashlib
-import tempfile
-from tempfile import _RandomNameSequence
-import pylons
-import pylons.test
-from pylons import config, url
-from pylons.i18n.translation import _get_translator
-from pylons.util import ContextObj
-from routes.util import URLGenerator
-from webtest import TestApp
  import pytest
-from kallithea.lib.compat import unittest
-from kallithea import is_windows
-from kallithea.model.db import Notification, User, UserNotification
-from kallithea.model.meta import Session
-from kallithea.lib.utils2 import safe_str
-os.environ['TZ'] = 'UTC'
-if not is_windows:
-    time.tzset()
-log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
-skipif = pytest.mark.skipif
-parametrize = pytest.mark.parametrize
+from kallithea.tests.base import *

Would you have any objections to dropping this and just use kallithea.tests.base where it is needed?

Import * in general is one thing, but having it in a module definition can make it even harder to figure out what is going on.


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