New issue 245: Show changes to Origin repository in a Pull request after Origin 
repository is changed

Mario Juric:

This is what I understood so far on how Pull request process works in 
Kallithea. Once a pull request is created a common ancestor between Origin 
repository and Destination repository is conceived and the *diff* is calculated 
and shown based on this ancestor.

In case something is changed to the Origin repository of the pull request the 
Pull request page will show this and there will be an option to open an updated 
pull request (v2) and the previous pull request will be closed.

However if something is changed in the Destination repository no such 
information exists, which would be pretty interesting to know, since some time 
can pass before a Pull request is reviewed and there might be changes added to 
the Destination repo that are NOT show in the Pull request diff.

So is there a way to either change the ancestor to include the new changes made 
to the destination ( Which is what I would expect to work out of the box, since 
when I create a pull request I use a branch not a specific revision ), or add 
some kind of info like it's done when creating a pull request, where there is 
an information that tells if the Destination has some commits ahead of Origin.

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