New issue 307: Creating a new repository results in an infinate loop


I've installed kallithea on Ubuntu 16.04. I've set up the location of the 
repositories at /data/repositories and this directory is owned by the same user 
that runs kallithea on the system.

When I use the "Add Repository" button in the dashboard, (either a git or hg 
repository) I am shown a message that says "Repository "test" is being created, 
you will be redirected when this process is finished. "

However, it never redirects. If I look at the logs, there are 4 lines that are 
repeated over and over until I navigate to another location.

2018-02-09 13:20:23.191 INFO  [kallithea.RequestWrapper] IP: <my IP> Request to 
/test/crepo_check time: 0.034s
2018-02-09 13:20:24.215 INFO  [kallithea.lib.base] IP: <my IP> User: 
<AuthUser('id:2[fred] auth:True')> accessed /test/crepo_check
2018-02-09 13:20:24.216 INFO  [kallithea.lib.auth] user <AuthUser('id:2[fred] 
auth:True')> authenticated with regular auth @ ReposController:__before__
2018-02-09 13:20:24.229 INFO  [kallithea.lib.auth] user <AuthUser('id:2[fred] 
auth:True')> authenticated with regular auth @ ReposController:repo_check

On the file system, a repository is not created.

I am able to create repository groups. Those appear on the file system as 
expected. I am not about to create repositories within the repository groups 

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