Hi all,

we discussed in the past that we are long over due to release a new version.
We also agreed that we should strongly push towards a 1.0 release.
Since this may attract new users, I think we should carefully think about
what should be included in this release. There is only one chance for a
first impression.

These are the things, I believe, the users will expect and therefore should
be included in the 1.0 release.

1. attractive UI
We are not there yet, but close(r)
2. ssh support
There is an old PR for this. I made some fixes and started to and some
tests. I'll create a PR soon.
3. manage hooks (incl. custom hooks) on a repository and repository group
I have an old PR about this as well.

Of course YMMV, but I think we should discuss this.


P.S.: Like I mentioned before, I think we should use a proper project
management tool, to keep track of things like this. Since you guys don't
like JIRA, because it is not open source, does somebody know
https://www.openproject.org? @andrew maybe you know it?
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