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> There is also an open point about the 'watch' feature and whether or
> not it should be integrated in gearbox --reload rather than
> introducing a new 'nodemon' mechanism.
> The introduction of 'npm run X' has also raised some comments in the
> past regarding cross-platform support. These is IMHO not bikeshedding,
> it's about being careful in adding extra complexity or going in a
> wrong direction.

Hi Thomas,

If node is just involved in compiling js/css and bundling assets you might
want to have a look at

It's a project that I created exactly to avoid the need to have two
dependency managers (npm and pip)
and two execution environments (python and node) for a Python web app.

It has a builtin less compiler (
https://github.com/amol-/dukpy#less-transpiling ) which is integrated with
WebAssets ( https://webassets.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ ) to generate css
bundles out of less files without the need to install node/lessc.

And through support for npmjs.org (
https://github.com/amol-/dukpy#installing-packages-from-npmjsorg ) it's in
theory possible to have setup.py also install node dependencies.
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