Hi, all

I'm releasing my code for a protocol for Sedna for Kamaelia.

Or, maybe, I'm just letting it escape.

In reality,  I just stuck it in Sourceforge SVN, and anyone who wants to
peek at it is welcome. :)

What is Sedna? a very cool, free, multi-user XML database.


Subversion command to fetch the new protocol code is:

svn co https://zif.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/zif/zif.sedna/trunk/

You'll get both the synchronous zif.sedna.protocol and the asynchronous,
kamaelia-ized zif.sedna.kamaelia.protocol.

BSD-ish licensed.  Copyright Virginia Tech.

Sparse documentation, though "python zif/sedna/kamaelia/protocol.py"
ought to give you a functional interactive prompt, if you first match
config with your Sedna server. It's ~1100 lines of code, but that
includes the cursor service and the console interpreter.  Eventually, it
may get properly modularized.

The easiest way to make the checkout usable to python is "sudo python
setup.py develop".

Michael, I thought about two-phase commit, but I'm thinking YAGNI (i.e.,
not worth the added complexity ATM) for my current project.  I may
revisit that idea sometime.

Why Sedna -and- Kamaelia?  Kamaelia makes concurrency/thread issues go
away when you are dealing with a pool of authenticated connections, and
you get a non-blocking interface included in the deal. With Sedna, you
do not need an ORM; store tree-shaped data items directly as XML and
retrieve them just the way you want with XQuery.  Nice.

Questions and comments welcome.  If nothing else, it is one possible
model for database access in Kamaelia.

- Jim Washington

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