*Dear Sir; Madam*

*This is to invite you register to *

*The Cybersecurity Forum *

*Day One Safety - Legislation and Best Practices*

*Workshop One:  CyberSecurity Workshop for Enterprises *

*Day Two : Workshop Two: *

* Technical Information Security and Cybercrime Awareness - **coached by
po-tech consulting*

*Venue – Le  Bristol Hotel *

*Wednesday October 5th  -  Thursday October 6th - 2016 *

*We have put at your disposal different modules for registration depending
if you need to attend the full day training session or not and I kindly ask
you to observe the deadline for Early bird regiustration to profit from our
group discounts*

*It will **also **be of great added value of you can address this seminar
and/or be part of its cosponsors *

Each year, cybercrime takes a personal and financial toll on millions of
consumers around the globe. The Forum is organised by Data and Investment
Consult Lebanon’s Cybercrime research arm compliancemiddleeast.com and in
collaboration with speakers and audience building from

The Special Investigation Commission (SIC) Of The Central Bank Of Lebanon;

The Union Of Arab Banks

The Cybercrime And The Intellectual Property Bureau Of The Directorate
General Of The Internal Security Forces


And With The Good Auspices Of Different Professional Security; Compliance
Multinationals The Internet Society and Professional Companies

The Cybercrime Forum is a global security initiative which will include a
series of training events to arm institution; individuals and Corporate
with important information about preventing online fraud. Our goal is to
help educate, engage and inspire people to better protect themselves and
others online and give continuous training to It teaches how to fully
protect against cyber crime, widely recognised as an increasingly dangerous
threat. We hope that this initiative will enrich partnerships across
industry, academia, law enforcement and customers — critical partners in
the fight against cybercrime. Grouping some nearly 100 attorneys,
investigators, technical experts and analysts, our initiative is well
positioned to make it safer for people online worldwide.
​I have enclosed all details -

I remain at your diposal for any additional information


Kind regards

Ma’an Barazy



*sender : Maan Barazy*

*Economist - Financial Analyst - Visionary *

   - *Publisher| CapitalIssues Lebanon English Financial weekly -*
   - *Founder Managing partner DataInvestConsultLebanon a*
   - *Founder President Entrepreneurs Ventures HOLDING *

   - *MA Islamic Comparative Jurisprudence  - *
   - *BS International Economics*
   - *Financial Risk Manager  *
   - *Certified Sharia Auditor*

*check our websites: *

   - *http://**datainvestconsult.com <http://datainvestconsult.com>;*
   - *http: //ventures.holding*
   - *http://Ballish.ventures <http://Ballish.ventures>*
   - *http: digitalnewswires.xyz <http://digitalnewswires.xyz>*
   - *http: mybusiness.site*
   - *http: newsfn.online*

*contact; email :  **maanbar...@gmail.com <maanbar...@gmail.com>*

   - ·         *Twitter : **twitter.com/maanbarazy
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