While i'm against whitespace damaged files or patches since my very
first patch, and don't like brain damaged programmer's tools called
text editors, i also want to encourage UNIX-way of using userspace.

Of course, i might be wrong and foolish. Anyway, what i'm trying to do
is not to become new generation of Visual Perl#(R) implemented in
Java(R) using XML with userspace, that suck.

Many things in XXI century still can be done by tools founded 20-30
years ago. Why not try to?

Here is script proposal and test case, just for interested parties.
-o--=O`C  info emacs : faq
 #oo'L O  info make  : not found
<___=E M  man gcc    : not found

Attachment: clean-whitespace.sh
Description: Bourne shell script

# last spaces must NOT be striped to two tabs
         tabspace    spaces             tab spaces tab
# trailing tabs mixed with spaces
                2x8 spaces, must be 2xtabs
                tab spaces tab, bust be 2 tabs

# more trailing whitespace

## Automatically generated incremental diff
## From:   linux-2.6.21-rc4
## To:     linux-2.6.21-rc5
## Robot:  $Id: make-incremental-diff,v 1.12 2004/01/06 07:19:36 hpa Exp $

--- linux-2.6.21-rc4/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt        2007-03-25 
23:12:16.654792317 +0000
# dont strip trailing whitespace
+++ linux-2.6.21-rc5/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt        2007-03-25 
23:12:21.243287617 +0000          
@@ -138,6 +138,12 @@

-       int gpio_direction_output(unsigned gpio);
# tab space tab -> tab tab, strip trailing whitespace
+               int gpio_direction_output(unsigned gpio, int value);      
 The return value is zero for success, else a negative errno.  It should
 be checked, since the get/set calls don't have error returns and since
 misconfiguration is possible.  (These calls could sleep.)
# dont touch space
+  tester, add space for wide line  ... vided becomes the initial output value.

# end of file, must be one new line

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