Hello everybody!

As you know there is a great script "merge_config.sh". It allows to
override a predefined set of .config keys with the values stored in a

For example:

scripts/kconfig/merge_config.sh -m -r .config

Now, I want to turn on all of the options in the "Kernel Hacking"
submenu and save only that options to a separate file ".config_deb". But
how can I do this? I see three options:

1) Do it manually checking the match between every option title in
"Kernel Hacking" submenu and a key in .config. It is a hard way.

2) Turn off all debug options. Save them in one file. Turn on all debug
options and save them to other file. Then make diff on these two files,
format it and save to .config_deb. It is a better way, but not ideal.

Is there any other ways to handle this task?

Thanks in advance,
Roman Storozhenko

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